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762202737 day circle chart (wax paper)Helmer
772203667 day circle chart (wax paper)Helmer
78220064Circle chart (wax paper)Helmer
79DN/3Xu/168Circle chartHemosafe
8024001660-001Daily circle chartHoneywell
8124001660-090Daily circle chartHoneywell
82383711Daily circle chart (2 hole)Honeywell
8346-180184-009Roll chartHoneywell
8446-182175-001Roll chartHoneywell
8524001661-001Weekly circle chartHoneywell
86CSP-12-4095Weekly circle chartHoneywell
87783560Weekly circle chart (2 hole)Honeywell
8830755317-001Circle chartHoneywell Truline
89CR148543Circle chartJules Richard
90CR149413Circle chartJules Richard
91D3169.1Circle chartJules Richard
92D31740Circle chartJules Richard
93D32310Circle chartJules Richard
94D32890Circle chartJules Richard
95D5598ECircle chartJules Richard
96D32260Weekly circle chartJules Richard
97D32380Weekly circle chartJules Richard
98D32480Weekly circle chartJules Richard
99D32870 BlueWeekly circle chart (blue)Jules Richard
100D31730/3173Weekly circle chart (orange)Jules Richard
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