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426500P1225-9612 hr chartTaylor
427500P1267-512 hr chartTaylor
428500P1267-6912 hr chartTaylor
429OP150812 hr chartTaylor
430OP153C12 hr chartTaylor
431OP160012 hr chartTaylor
432OP165112 hr chartTaylor
433OP69102C12 hr chartTaylor
43435215Daily chartTaylor
43535234Daily chartTaylor
436500P1225-1Daily chartTaylor
437500P1225-7Daily chartTaylor
438OP3320Daily chartTaylor
439OP3520Daily chartTaylor
440OP4838Daily chartTaylor
441OP964Daily chartTaylor
4426282-169Circle chart (wax paper)UEC
443203-655WCircle chartUltra Electronics
4446282-240Circle chartUltra Electronics
44546-180183-00924 hr fanfold chartUnknown
446TH/W/1712/Z6" Strip chartsUnknown
447CSP-0005-5238 (Crown ref)Circle chartUnknown
448CSP-0006-4465Circle chartUnknown
449CSP1079Circle chartUnknown
4501301Circle chart (wax paper)Unknown
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